Fixed Account

A Fixed account is an account style whose spread is subject to a Fixed fee with out being affected by market exercise. Even as it presents the investor the possibility to invest without being exposed to unexpected and time-honored fluctuations in the market, it does now not offer you so much room to fear about your funding.

Even though it is affected by the sharp fluctuations in the market now and again, when the market actions return to ordinary in Fixed accounts, the unfold charges will return to the spread levels communicated to you. Until sharp liquidity drops and sharp volatility spikes are visible in fixed currency trading accounts, very impressive fee alterations are not common.

Probably the most account types we offer you as FbrokerPro is the constant account. In contrast to account types with dynamic spread method, which might be affected even by the sharp fluctuations of the market, which you can comprehend longer-term and predictable funding actions with standard account.


ECN Account

ECN Account, which stands for electronic conversation community, is obvious in foreign exchange markets as probably the most greatest improvements to the present day currency exchange market.

ECN Account is likely one of the first choices of investors with its transparency, practicality and advantages. With direct access to liquidity collateral and automatic matching of order requests, it is outlined as the step of the long run for the tremendous majority of world foreign exchange buyers and the bridge connecting the investor to it.

An ECN broker benefits from commission costs per transaction. This means: as the broker’s customers exchange volume increases, the broker’s profitability increases.

ECN Account is one of the account varieties offered inside FbrokerPro. With this account variety, you could make instantaneous and comfortable foreign exchange transactions with the support of buying and selling algorithms, informed advisors and risk administration methods.



Swap Free Account

There are one of a kind types of money owed in the foreign exchange industry that appeal to special forms of users. One in all them is swap-free forex account.It is a deal between two parties to trade two currencies at a designated trade rate at a designated time in the future.

The Swap-Free account, often referred to as the Islamic Account, is at least as lucrative as different types of money owed. The only difference between a swap-free account and a normal account is that there is not any curiosity cost.

In currency trading markets, swap is known as overnight carrying cost/in a single day fee. Curiosity variations between two nations’ currencies are taken under consideration when calculating currency exchange swap charges.

The overnight carrying fee of the money with low curiosity fee can be reflected in the account. On this case, for example, if a greenback is given to the market and a Euro is got in return, a low-interest forex unit is given to the market. On this case, the investor will get swap revenue.

If you’re among the traders who don’t wish to earn interest as a result of your devout sensitivities or do not need to incur expenses as a result of curiosity, the Swap-Free Account choice may be a greater alternative for you. With the swap-free account, which you could transfer the positions you’ve gotten opened to tomorrow with out paying an interest fee.